Monday, July 2, 2007

Winter Mountains

Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board. 8"x10"
This painting is peaceful. I have found myself staring at it for lengthy amounts of time. I can get lost in this one. It is on framed, and I don't think that I would frame it either, it is perfect the way it is! I get lost in the mountains!


Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board. 9"x12"
Simple yet Sophisticated, a nice piece to start conversation and to create Serenity.


Acrylic Painting on Thick Canvas Paper. 12"x16" This would be beautiful framed in a thick but simple frame, however I do not have it framed because that would mean I would have to charge more for the artwork as well as the additional shipping charges. So I suggest you be the one to frame it!


Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board. 11"x14"
I have done other rose paintings, one as a gift and one was sold. I can do one rose or many roses, and have gone as big as 3'x4' for one single rose.


Acrylic Painting on Canvas Board. The actualy painting in 16"x20" and then it has a frame around it made out of barn wood. I carved into the frame where the mane and ears are. The total size of this work is 18"x22".

Love Horses

Acrylic Painting on Streched Canvas. 24"x30"
My Son says these horses names are Aaron (the black horse) and Kristen (the Brown horse) because he thinks they represent his father and myself.

Kenyon Tree

Oil Paint on Gesso Treated Wood. 12"x18" This is the tree as I saw it outside the Cathedral on Kenyon College Campus.